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JohnBlack — 07/26/2022 PART2
When I turned around, my teacher was sitting crisscross on the floor playing UNO in a circle with other students with about 5+ inches of long juicy white crack flashing half of the class. It was so long and deep, you couldn’t see where it started at the top. My jaw hit the floor. It was like I just saw the entrance to heaven. I couldn’t believe how she could be obliviously showing this much crack to most of the class. After about 30 seconds, a few girls went over and told her and she covered it, but the damage had already been done. That crack was forever embedded in my mind. If I could go back in time and see any crack again, without a doubt it would be this moment. After that I started to notice for every jeans day, she would wear the same exact same pair of jeans. I would always try and pretend I needed to sharpen a pencil to have an excuse to walk next to her desk and get a look but I only got glimpses. It’s crazy to me that she only had those pair of jeans, and that pair showed THAT much crack. Can only imagine the kind of shows she used to put on back then. A true crack queen.

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