Here we introduce you some ways on earning a full member role or tokens.

1) Krakhunter / Post YOUR original content: This is the most important role here, since it builds the backbone of the whole site. Make sure to post always the best quality / original / untouched version of your [fullnamecontent] videos.

2) Web Finder: find new or undiscovered [fullnamecontent] on the internet. Please do not post videos that occurs in the first page of search results of Youtube. It should be something, that is not that easy / obvious to find. You must also provide timestamps for videos long than 2 minutes.

3) Reuploader / Mirror Creator: you have to reupload specific videos to a specific site. The purpose is to have always a backup of the original posted link. This job does not mean to reupload without permission the content of other authors! Instructions are specified by the staff.

4) Cutter: Cut the videos in proper ways so we have only interesting scenes in. This relevant for very long videos (e.g. for web finds like cleaning or party videos)

5) Offer us your professional service (e.g. Graphic design, programming skills, etc.)

6) Tagger: Tag the videos of all authors and web finds as much as you can with many different and meaningful tags. This way we want to improve the search function, so users can find easier specific content (e.g. tags like “ebony”, “jeans”, “twerk”, “busted”, “hidecrack”, etc.).

7) Quality Control: Control the work of others. Check if the cutted video is not just cutted randomly or the tags are really meaningful or not.

8) Staff Member / Moderator: make sure that all users play by the rules. But be also always helpful to all users, if they need assistance or help with their job here. You must understand how this platform and all the roles work.

9) Cryptocurrency (e.g. Bitcoin, Ethereum, etc.) Exchange Partner: This is something that everyone with a PayPal, Cashapp, Venmo account can do. I will send you fiat money on any of these platforms and you send me the same money back via Bitcoin (for example). I will explain you how it works. You do not need to be pro in this.

10) Use our discount methods: We fund every Purchase on Manyvids / Clips4sale / any clip site with 30%. For every purchase you do with us, we will give you also some Tokens here.

11) Financial Partner: Besides Token and Full Member, you will get also a %-based share from the income.
There are to ways to become a financial partner:
– Invest in this platform by a negotiable amount (at least 4 digits in USD)
– Provide yourself as payment gateway for several payment platforms (we can discuss this in private). So all the payments will come to you. You will keep a share for yourself and the other part is sent us via Bitcoin or Ethereum.