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JohnBlack — 07/26/2022 PART1
This section is dry so I have an idea everyone can do. Write about the first time you ever saw crack (and/or thong) or the crack sighting that made you fall in love with it and include a pic that reminds you of the moment you saw it (like the amount of inches it was and how she was sitting/squatting). I’ll start.
In middle school we had to wear uniforms (skirts for girls) so I never had the luxury of any thong or crack sightings. However, once a month we were all allowed to wear jeans, teachers included. My 7th grade teacher was about early 30s, white, decent face, normal sized, wide hips with a fat ass. On this particular day she was wearing a pair a jeans and a long sleeve polo shirt that that was snug enough that it would rise if she bent down and it rested right below her hips.
She was wearing the kind of fit where as a hunter, you’d see her in the store and know immediately she’d give a show if she squatted. As an 7th grader, I didn’t know this, until that day. The whole class was in the gym doing various random activities and I just remember looking at a friend and seeing him pointing behind me and laughing. I started hearing other kids laughing and pointing so I turn around.

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