Welcome to Buttcrack.us!

Finally we have launched the first video- and community- website based on Buttcrack / Whaletail / Thong slip. You have noticed that this kind of content is getting more and more banned on other platforms. Therefore we saw the need to create our own platform for Buttcrack / Whaletail / Thong slip content.

What makes this site so special? Well, besides the fact that it provides a forum and a video platform for the community, we also provide the biggest Buttcrack / Whaletail / Thong slip video collection in best quality. The most comes directly from the original authors that contributes to this community for ages. Special thanks for the veterans that kept the community alive with their unique content (see Hall of Fame). Every author has his own channel here and will get always his credits for his videos.

Maybe you have noticed that not all the content in the video area is for free or accessible by everyone. We have 4 different access types:

  • – Public
  • – Full Member: This role can be earned by contributing constantly in several ways. The most obvious one is: post your own recorded original Buttcrack / Whaletail / Thong slip videos. You can contribute also via a Job. This status can be also purchased in the Shop.
  • – V.I.P: This status can be purchased in the Shop or is reserved for very few veterans.
  • – Token-Only: You must “pay” with Token to access the content. These can be earned or bought in the Shop. Those can be also earned via a Job (different ways of contribution). The Token-System is currently not in use, but might be later more relevant.

This way we set the right incentives to motivate also the users to contribute and to give something back to the community. We make sure to have many different contribution ways, so everyone has at least the chance to earn some Token. Unfortunately, we cannot allow all new users to post content on the video platform. You have to apply yourself as author by posting your content at first in the Forum (constantly over many days) or simply send us a message of all your original content that you have created. This way we can verify you as author and give you access to post always your videos on your own.

As you have read it is possible to access a lot content without spending any funds. But you have keep in mind that those cases are actually exceptions. Of course we are also dependent on monetizing this platform in several ways. We have following reasons:

  • – Web server costs
  • – Storage costs
  • – CDN / Anti-DDoS costs
  • – Maintenance costs
  • – Software license costs
  • – Domain costs
  • – Mailer costs
  • – Automation for discord message post-processing costs
  • – Compensation of time
  • – Further investments (e.g. better servers, storage, content delivery networks, advertisements, etc.)
  • – And if we have enough left: funding a pot for contest winners and a share for the most active authors.

If you need help with this site or if you have any questions you can contact us via the contact function that you can see in the bottom-right corner or you can contact the admin “MountFuji” in the Discord “Public Buttcrack Community” Server.