Guide & Rules

I) Content Rules

1. The most important Rule: Do NOT post content of children / underage persons.

2. Do NOT post porn. This platform is just about Buttcrack / Whaletail / Thong slip and maybe other candid catches from your krakhunts that do not contain any Buttcrack / Whaletail / Thong slip. Make sure to specify the content of your video post correctly in the submission form.

3. Re-uploads of other Krakhunters is NOT allowed. If someone requests a missed video of him, you can DM it to him so he can post it by himself. We want that only the original authors get their credit for the posts. Re-uploads may be posted on in the video/media section of the Forum.

4. Only female content is allowed.

5. Try to upload always the original video files. Try to avoid any convert tools or compression of the video. We want always the best quality. Unfortunately many people are not aware that cutting / editing videos with the wrong tools leads to compression of the video and thus lower video quality. But fortunately there are also good tools that allows you to cut videos without any quality loss. This is possible for videos in .mov and .mp4 Format (Free Windows Tool: Avidemux) or .wmv (Windows Tool: asfbin GUI, Trial version of Joyoshare Media Cutter). If you need help with using these tools, you can contact us.

II) Community Rules

1. ALL humans are the same, we all have the same red bood! No matter what skin color or nationality you have. So be respectful to every user / member! No matter what your role is in this community or else where.

2. Do not spam!

3. Feedback and Discussion is always appreciated. You may criticize us in a objective and productive way. But only hate talk is not going to be considered as useful feedback. So please be behave as an actual adult.

4. Do not beg for Tokens, Full Member, Videos or anything else. You will only get Tokens and Full Member by contributing or by purchasing them.

III) Video Post Guidline & Rules

This section describes how users (especially Krakhunters) can contribute to this platform. Before you are able to post videos to our video platform, you have to apply or verify first as legitimate user or as Krakhunter (also called as Author in this Platform). We want to make sure that people are not spamming the platform with unwanted stuff. Regarding Krakhunters we want also to make sure that they are legitimate and thus expect that they post only their original content. Re-uploading the content of others is not allowed. We want to keep our platform clean and at a high quality level.

Application Process

Use the Application Form to apply as Author / Contributor (this has nothing to do with Full Member or V.I.P Role).

The application process is nothing special or complicated. Those are the steps:

1. Upload ALL original content you have to / google drive folder. With this step we are able to identify/link videos that are already uploaded (by someone else or us) to you. Furthermore we can save you some time and process a bulk import of all of these. We are able to process many videos at once while simple users can just post videos one by one.

2. After you have uploaded all Videos to a / google drive folder (you may organize it in sub folders, but you do not need to). It only matters for us, that you deliver us only one link with all the content.

3. After submitting that folder link to us, we will take some time to process your folder. We will inform you then, when the process has been completed. Do not worry. If it is really your content, you will be verified as Krakhunter and thus get access to post videos.


Posting regularly original content is the best method to become Full Member without purchasing this Membership actually. Furthermore you can specify on your own decision that the video that you are going to post, that it can be only accessed via Tokens. The default token price for a “token-only”-specified video is 5 Token. This means if someone wants to watch your video, he must spend 5 Tokens on it. Every time when someone does this, you earn the half, so 2.5 Tokens. In general you earn also for every post 5 Tokens. In this way we want to set the correct incentives so that people are motivated to post their stuff and earn token for it. These tokens can then be used to watch other “token-only” videos.
As explained, nobody is forced to enable this “token-only” option for their video. But with this option you can at least make sure that the video is only accessible by people that are also actually contributing. Alternatively you can make the video also just accessible for “Full Members” or for “V.I.P Members”. It is up to you, if you want to make the video accessible for the whole public or just for contributors.

The “token-only” option may only be selected for “Original Content” video posts. It is not allowed to use it for any other types of video posts (e.g. web finds). Selecting the option for making the post only accessible by “Full Member” or “V.I.P Members” is allowed of every type of video post.

Submission Guide & Rules

When you post a video make sure to follow following rules:

1. Select the correct categories for your video post in the submission form. In case of original content you have to check of course the box for “Original Content”.

2. In general, for “Original Content” posts you MUST use file hosters, so people are able to retrieve the actual original video file. It is not allowed to submit your original content video via streaming sites like Youtube or Flickr. Streaming sites are allowed for Web finds of course.

3. EVERY video post must be correctly embedded into the site. We do this for Google Drive and automatically. For other sites you must generate the “Embed Code” your self and paste it into the submit form. If you do not know how to do that, you must use one of those supported / mentioned file hosters. If you want automatic embed support for your preferred file hoster you must contact and persuade us.

4. EVERY video post must contain a thumbnail. This is done automatically for Google Drive and Youtube / Dailymotion / Vimeo (for Web finds). Automated thumbnail generation is for and others currently unfortunately not supported. But you can easily create a thumbnail by yourself by creating a screenshot of your favorite scene of your video post or using a tool on your Windows computer like “Auto-Movie Thumbnailer”. It is for your own good. With a bad or without thumbnail, nobody would click on your video, therefore this option is a MUST.