Apply as Author

Please describe your type of contribution to the video platform. Are you mainly posting original content, web finds or both? If you apply only with web finds, it will be hard to get accepted (unless we know you already from Discord).
If you are a Krakhunter, please provide us some proof. If you are really willing to contribute as Krakhunter, please upload ALL your original content to one folder and share the single link. Paste the link in the second form field here.
Do not try to apply with fake content or content of others. If you already have seen your content uploaded on this platform, then please prove us that you are the original author (e.g. screenshots that you are really owning that corresponding Flickr account, screenshot of the original video file, etc.). If you are already verified/known as Krakhunter on Discord, then just let us know about that (DM the Staff)

Apply as Contributor / Author