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Merrimen — 06/16/2022
I was talking with one of my coworkers and she asked me if I missed working Saturdays with her. I said hell no because I don’t have to anymore but that got me to thinking..

Last time we worked together was in the summer, and it was easily 80+ degrees out. We were working outside off site, so we rode together. Typically, she wore pants without a belt and that day was no different. We ended up going to lunch and I got out after her, and noticed that when she leaned to get out she was showing a good 2-3” of crack. No idea whether she had on underwear, they were really low if so. I couldn’t get a shot but knew I’d have a chance later. As we got back out of the car after we got back to work, easily 3” showing… I was ready, letting her get out first before grabbing the video in the highest video setting.
Unfortunately for me, I didn’t back the video up and my phone got stolen a week later so whoever stole it I’m sure they added it to their collection lol

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