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Bboymarcos — 06/12/2022
I was talking to some female coworkers today about one of our male coworker who’s around his 60s and is a perv. They ended up talking about another man who’s in charge of a gas station and one of them mentioned that there was this lady who had a nice body as in thick. She said she was wearing jeans and a short shirt. That gas station has air for tires and she was checking the gauge for every tire and casually had to bend over every time. The old man in charge was just looking at her going to every tire. She ended up squatting deeply putting in air and that’s when his face changed. My coworker noticed his face and immediately reacted in disgust because she mentioned that she was showing trampstamp, some scratches and her buttcrack showing. They just kept looking at each other shocked as hell lmao.

So make sure you go check gas stations for buttcrack if they have air for tires. 😁

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