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matthew crackman — 11/18/2023 1:04 AM
No one will EVER be able to convince me that the curse isn’t real. I FINALLY just saw crack. So much. Inches. Hot mixed 19-20 year old employee at Target. I went in. Saw a hot girl in booty shorts. Thought I’d get a shot of it for later. Noticed my phone was dead. Had the actual thought “Watch this be the one time I see crack in the last year.” Sure enough. I turn down a toy isle and there’s an employee squatted up in jeans. 110% oblivious. Just letting it hang all the way out and all I could do was get a good look. Her crack had thin little black hairs and very slight stretch marks on the edges of her cheeks… WHY THE FUCK IS THIS HAPPENING TO ME!? The last time I could’ve caught an incredible amount of a hot milfs crack (like a year ago) my phone somehow didn’t record it. I’m so hurt. I could’ve had no less than 30 seconds of footage… I’ll try again next Friday to see if she’s there again. If I can. She was at the end of her shift tonight. Collecting things in a basket to purchase and take home. I’m just so disappointed. I can’t even begin to put it into words. My phone is never fucking dead. Murphy’s Law is sick.

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