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matthew crackman — 10/25/2023 7:26 PM
Well I was driving through the campus today, going from one job site to another. Noticed a hot ass girl in low rise sitting outside the library. So I parked illegally 🙃 and ran over to see. Pretty sure her crack was out but she was in a terrible spot to catch it. Basically impossible because a bunch of black girls were watching me the whole time and I knew they’d call me out if I got close. She was up against the wall so it was a no-go. Then I thought, “fuck it, I’m here” so I ran into the library and did a quick lap around. There were two more girls in the downstairs section wearing low rise. One had a super low crack so I didn’t see anything. The other was in a booth studying. I could see when she leaned forward that the tip of her crack was out. Of course, I would’ve waited if I could but being that I was in a huge rush, I had to jet back to my car. So on the one hand.. Still got nothing. On the other hand.. It gives me a slight bit of hope. Just seeing college girls in low rise jeans. All three girls seemed to be of Indian/Muslim decent which is interesting. I don’t usually see them in low rise as much. Also, I haven’t mentioned this before I don’t think but girls going braless is super in too, clearly. Can’t count how many titties I’ve seen through sheer shirts driving through that campus in the last few months.
Crackawake — 10/25/2023 8:40 PM
There is a lot of eye candy around college campus. Better enjoy it before the cold weather comes in. Glad you took the initiative to seek out the crack I swear I’ve done some crazy shit trying to catch cracks before. It is hard to look normal when the adrenaline is going and you probably look like a crazy person running around. Smart decision with the black chicks I had a Lizo sized one hollering at me one time because I was following her friend in low rise. I was in a college town a few weeks ago and noticed all the tshirt nipples around as well.

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