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Crackawake — 08/21/2022
fml i just experienced the curse of having a gf and crack… so I was at the store and was in the self checkout area with my gf. I happened to look over and then I see a sexy black chick with 2 inches of standing crack hanging out. I saw her just as she was leaving and she even leaned over to throw something away in a small trash bin and even more crack slipped out. she was completely careless and she walked away with 2 inches of her crack out. I was just in shock and all I could do was stare as she walked away… If i was in the store by myself I would have looped around the store as soon as i got there and would have seen the black chick shopping and would have been able to catch her easily. or at least i would have been able to follow her outside and filmed her sexy crack. but with my gf there I was stuck… I try not to even look for crack when im with my gf bc i know it will just haunt me if i cant catch it.

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