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SpicyLatino420 — 07/30/2022
Love this idea bro. For me: freshman year in my Spanish class. There was this girl named Elizabeth Flores, liked to called Elle for short. She was sitting down talking with her friends and her blue PINK thong was showing. I pretended I was asleep with my head down to keep staring (creepy right lol) I started recording and then she got up and pulled her pants up and walked off. I was sad it was over. But when she came back and sat down her jeans lowered a bit exposing the top of her crack. I immediately started recording. She was laughing and went a bit back and bent over while sitting down. When she did that her jeans lowered even more and her ass crack was exposed. A good 5 inches of light skinned latina crack (ohhhh boy the memories lol) . She continued bs ing with her friends and more movement cause the butt crack to show even more. I went to the restroom and whacked off I couldn’t handle it lol.

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