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Justsomeguy — 07/09/2022
Just like someone said earlier Jr high school was a goldmine. Used to see Crack and thong everyday. I had just came from a private school and Im realizing now how much Crack I could’ve recorded if I didn’t have some bullshit ass prepaid phone with no camera. I just wished my parents let me get a part time job when I turned 16.

Like literally the first day of 8th grade there was this trio of shawty’s. One of them was white and the other 2 were Latina. On the bus ride home one of the Latinas had to show white shawty something on her IPhone. So kid you not white shawty leaned into the walk way of the bus to get a closer look and she was wearing ultra low-rise jeans you could see half of her ass od during the whole bus ride. She was one of those white girls who thought she was black and she had a problem with my brodies in the seat behind her for no reason. She was a bully and a trouble maker but we never had problems because lowkey she wanted to fuck but I wouldn’t give her the time of day. My friends were arguing with her back and forth and mind you she still had a half-moon of Crack showing to the back of the bus. My bro said “and that’s why your ass Crack is hanging out od”👿. Me and everybody in the back of the bus were all laughing our asses off. White shawty embarrassingly pulled up her pants and stfu. The crazy thing was she still showed crack leaning over because her pants were too low even with a belt on.

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