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Jman — 07/14/2022 PART 3
I know you probably thinks this is fake and all and she wasn’t aware and it’s just my fantasy but all of this genuinely happened, and I don’t think it all of this could’ve been by accident. I remember one time in an extra teaching session in preparation for the GCSE exams, me and some other students arrived to her class but this time we could decide to sit anywhere, and I decided to sit at the very back to do a little test and see what she would do now that I’m not at the very front of the class in her field of view. But not surprisingly she somehow found a way and she decided to spend most of the session talking to and helping the student next to me so that meant her ass was right in my face for majority of the lesson, and she kept touching her ass as well and pulling her pants. Also in general she would always seem to want to talk to me and would always somehow find a way without fail. She knew what she was doing. I thought at first that maybe she has a crush on me and was trying to seduce me but that would be weird on her part plus I’m pathetically skinny as hell built like a twig.

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