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Jman — 07/14/2022 PART 1
Age 15 for me. I had a geography teacher who would always bend over or squat in front of me and her asscrack was always showing. She would always stand right in front of me during class so that her ass/thighs were right in my face. As a horny 15/16 year old boy you know that turned me on so much, and I noticed that she would only do this to me. She definitely knew what she was doing. I even remember one time when she “accidentally” dropped something and got on all 4s right in front of me to collect it from under the shelf and her big ass was right in my face. I know this probably sounds weird and fake but it’s honestly all true. At parents evening it so awkward, I struggled to make eye contact with her and I could tell that we were both uncomfortable, especially with my parents there. She was kind of annoying but I loved all the little things she would do during class. I’m now wondering if any of my classmates actually noticed. I ended up transferring schools though after year 11 though so no longer saw her after that, but imagine all the shit she would’ve done if I was still in her class during year 12 and 13.

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