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Rennie — 07/15/2022
For me, it would have been a support/sub teacher who was quite young, I imagine about mid 20s.

She would always be willing to help me out. She would lean forward to look at what I’ve done. I would get an eyeful of cleavage every time.

I only saw the thong once. I can’t remember the exact design other than it was small, either cream or white color. And it was when she was helping another classmate with something. She sat down behind me. I got up to do something. I turned around to go back, I see the thong hanging out.

The student she was helping, was the first buttcrack I saw, she would almost always have her butt showing through the back panel of the chair.

So I got on that day both a thong and a buttcrack. It’s a shame, I had to be back to them… if I was on the end of the table, I could have seen it a lot more for longer… But whatever 😅

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