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Rennie — 07/20/2022
I had a really soft spot for this support /substitute teacher 😅

The other one that really pops in my mind vividly was this one teach I didn’t like. She was kinda young, always kinda had a thing against me, during my exams, they had to get the papers out and hand them out. She squatted to pull like 30 papers out of this box. She was showing about a inch of crack. But there was my entire class facing forward, so I’d say at least the front 3 rows got a perfect view (if they were paying attention.) and the remaining like 5 rows didn’t, but I remember another student look, then look over at me, and gestured to look 😂

That scenario always made me go : Do I ‘act’ disgusted? Or do I join in at all or not react to it?

Oh and there was one with my old English teacher, she sat down and had her thong hanging out, and literally everyone behind her got perfect view. And everyone was pointing it out to everyone else 😳😳

Tho, I might be the minority I’ve never had to go off and relieve myself. (The thought never actually occurred to me back when… Yay for being a well educated person? Who didn’t fall into the whole ‘do it for the sex appeal’ thing.)

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