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whoregang — 05/26/2022
This big booty fat ass African was struggling in her accounting class and was asking me for help. Meanwhile, she got a new job, takes business training courses on the side, and has been missing school for medical issues. She had all this shit going on, but somehow found time to get a whole new fucking boyfriend in 4 months. So you fucking another man, but call yourself celibate? Then why you getting a 46% in your accounting class? 🤔 should’ve put that fat ass booty on MY dick when you had the chance. Cuz even though i helped her with her quizzes, she still had hella assignments to turn in. And she didn’t know how to do the shit. I know her big booty ass failed ALL them shits. Cuz i ended up getting a flat tire and couldn’t help her with her shit no more. I had to get my shit fixed. See you next semester🤣🤣🤣
Sweet revenge😋😋

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