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With this membership you can access ALL content that exists on this website. Even those that are only accessible by token purchases. This is a lifetime membership.
This price is actually very fair if you consider the amount of offered videos and the fact that the content is exclusive and of high quality. Each video costs in average below 10 cents (in USD)!

Refunds are excluded.

Lifetime means here that there is no expiration date set. But obviously we cannot guarantee “Lifetime”. In order to survive as a niche platform we have to think economically. This means if our costs increase then we have also to adjust our membership prices. This includes also active “Lifetime”-Memberships. We can at least guarantee, that we will make sure that the “Lifetime”-Membership is always the cheapest long-term membership (cheaper than renewing the membership always) – so you will never regret the decision on choosing this.

4 reviews for Donor | V.I.P Membership (Lifetime)

  1. JakeMortan

    I highly recommend getting this membership. Many of these vids are high quality and have not been posted anywhere else. Worth the price by far.

  2. LeroyJenkins (verified owner)

    Great value for what you pay for. A nice mix of oldies and new content unavailable anywhere else

  3. KarlYared1 (verified owner)

    This is the only website of its kind and the lifetime membership is worth the investment. One fixed price, intermittent uploads and quality videos. If you want more content and better content as well as a better website, invest in a lifetime membership.

  4. akr41 (verified owner)

    if you want good quality content would recommend buying vip admin helped me through the buying process 🙂

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